Comparison of gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and gastric banding

Recent data reported in the Annals of Surgery from the University of Michigan compared weight loss and complication rates between the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve resection, and the adjustable gastric band (i.e. Lapband). Complication rates were highest with the gastric bypass, and lowest with gastric banding. Serious complication rates were similar between the bypass and sleeve, but still greater than the gastric band. Early weight loss with the bypass and sleeve were better than the gastric band. While weight loss surgery has become increasingly safe (and popular), there is no ideal operation. Early weight loss may not always correlate with long-term, sustained weight loss. In addition, the severity of complications, not just the total complication rate, must be taken into account. The balance between safety and efficacy must be considered by each individual patient with the help of his/her physician and surgeon.

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