Gastric Bypass and Lap-Band For Treatment of Diabetes

Weight loss procedures such as the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and Lap-band are well-recognized as the best treatments for diabetes in patients with severe or morbid obesity.  A new study in JAMA Surgery from the University of Pittsburgh confirms that the gastric bypass and Lap-band are more effective than medical therapy and lifestyle intervention in diabetic patients with a BMI as low as 30.  While still considered obese, these patients may only be 50 pounds overweight, usually not considered heavy enough by insurance companies to qualify for weight loss surgery. Three years after surgery in this study, over 2/3 of gastric bypass patients and nearly half of Lap-band patients no longer required any medication for type II diabetes, while none of the patients who underwent intensive lifestyle modification alone achieved remission.

This research is important, in that it demonstrates the long-term (at least 3 year) health benefits of surgical weight loss.  This includes even modest weight loss from less invasive procedures like the Lap-band in patients with low BMI.  At South Texas Surgeons in San Antonio, Drs. Keith Wright and Gerardo Carcamo offer these procedures as well as other non-invasive options like the gastric balloon for patients who may not meet insurance criteria for surgery, but want to improve their health.  While we are usually successful utilizing most insurance plans, affordable financing options are also available.  Call 210-220-1726 for a consultation.