Positive quality of life changes seen after surgery

Carrying excess weight can put a lot of stress on the body, causing serious health problems and health risks. These health conditions include heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and certain types of cancers. Research has shown that slow, healthy weight loss can help reduce these risks and health problems. Bariatric surgery procedures, such as the LAP-BAND, can be effective in both inducing sustainable weight loss and improving obesity-related health conditions. Now, a recent study has found that weight loss surgery can not only improve physical health, but can improve overall quality of life as well. In the study, participants who had weight loss surgery reported experiencing mental and social benefits after their procedures, such as having better relationships with friends, family and significant others. They also reported a decrease in depression after surgery. Doris Palmer, co-author of the study paper and a doctoral student in the School of Social and Family Dynamics sociology program at ASU said “This provides evidence that overcoming the stigma of being overweight, as reflected by negative reactions of others, can lead to greater satisfaction among relationships with family and friends, and in social life in general.” In addition, the participants reported significant improvements in physical health and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol level, and sleep apnea.

Drs. Keith Wright and Gerardo Carcamo, at South Texas Surgeons in San Antonio, are available to discuss these results in more detail during a private consultation. We recognize the need to address not just the physical aspects of obesity, but the mental, social, and emotional aspects, too. To help patients get the most positive outcome possible, our multi-disciplinary team consists of highly trained surgeons and health care specialists who provide medical, nutritional and psychological support.