Linx is More Effective than Medical Treatment for Regurgitation in GERD

Early reports from the Caliber trial were recently reported at Digestive Disease Week in Chicago. Doctors studied patients that had persistent regurgitation despite taking reflux medications (omeprazole). Patients who were given higher doses of medication were compared with those who received the Linx procedure.

Linx is a band of expandable, magnetic beads placed using minimally invasive techniques to reinforce with esophagaeal sphincter, limiting reflux and regurgitation. 

After 6 months, 92.6% of Linx patients reported resolution of their regurgitation symptoms, compared to only 8.6% of patients with double-dose medications. Symptoms of reflux were markedly improved in the surgical vs. medical patients as well. No major compilations are reported. 

Drs. Keith Wright and Gerardo Carcamo with South Texas Surgeons in San Antonio, offer the Linx procedure, as well as the Nissen Fundoplication and the TIF procedure for patients with reflux who either have a poor response to medication, or choose not to take them. 

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