Long-term weight loss with the gastric bypass vs. Lap-band or gastric sleeve surgery

The three most commonly performed weight loss procedures in the United states are the gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, and the gastric sleeve surgery. When choosing a procedure, patients must consider safety, resolution of comorbidities (such as diabetes, sleep apnea and high blood pressure), and durable weight loss. A recent publication in the British Journal of Surgery by renowned surgeon Dr. Paul O’Brien compared the long-term weight loss of these operations. The gastric bypass and the Lap-band yielded similar weight loss when patients were followed over a 10 year period. Early data for the gastric sleeve surgery is similar, but the procedure has not been performed long enough to evaluate patients 10 years after surgery. These procedures will continue to be studied for their long-term results.

While many patients continue to choose the gastric bypass due to it’s proven track record, others look to the Lap-band due to its safety, adjustability and reversibility. This study demonstrates that when performed correctly by experienced surgeons and with appropriate follow-up, the Lap-band offers durable weight loss similar to the more invasive procedures.

Drs. Gerardo Carcamo and Keith Wright at South Texas Surgeons in San Antonio offer all 3 weight loss procedures, gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, and the gastric sleeve surgery, and provide the long-term nutritional and psychological support required to ensure success. We are happy to discuss which procedure is best for each individual patient.