Medical Experts Recommend Bariatric Surgery For Treatment Of Diabetes

Obesity is well-recognized as one of the most serious health problems facing Americans, increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Bariatric surgery is more effective than medical or behavioral therapy in treating obesity and diabetes. Although surgical guidelines are well-recognized for treatment of obesity, referral for bariatric or metabolic surgery specifically for diabetics is less common.

Bariatric Surgery Treats Diabetes

Recent recommendations from the 2nd Diabetes Surgery Summit have broadened the category of patients who should benefit from metabolic surgery. Effective surgical procedures were considered to be the Lap-band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and biliopancreatic diversion. This large group of medical scholars specializing in the treatment of diabetes recommended surgery for all patients with a BMI > 40, and diabetics with a BMI 35-40. In addition, they stated that metabolic surgery should be considered for inadequately controlled diabetics on optimal medical therapy with a BMI 30-35. This further validates the role of metabolic surgery as a safe and effective treatment for type II diabetes.

Drs. Keith Wright and Gerardo Carcamo with South Texas Surgeons in San Antonio can help you choose the type of bariatric surgery best suited for your weight loss goals, lifestyle, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.