South Texas Surgeons First in San Antonio to Utilize Latest Technology in Bariatric Surgery

Drs. Keith Wright and Gerardo Carcamo with South Texas Surgeons have been instrumental in the application of new technology for minimally invasive surgical procedures, ensuring hospitals provide the best available equipment for patient care. In bariatric surgery, stapling devices are critical to ensure that the stomach and intestines are divided and reconnected safely without complications such as leaking or bleeding. Drs. Wright and Carcamo adopted the use of the Covidien (now Medtronic) iDrive powered stapler at the Nix Hospital in 2015. Impressed with the quality of the staple line, they have performed over 1,000 procedures without staple line reinforcements, and with complication rates lower than what is frequently reported nationally. 

"This limits the amount of foreign material implanted and lowers the cost of the procedure, which can be passed on to the patient," says Dr. Wright. Other hospital systems in San Antonio have since made the device available. 

Again, at the Nix Hospital, Drs. Wright and Carcamo are the first surgeons in San Antonio to utilize the latest generation of stapling devices, Medtronic's Signia stapling system. This system employs Adaptive Firing technology that measures the required firing force based on tissue thickness, and adjusts the stapling speed accordingly. This provides real-time feedback to the surgeon while freeing up the opposite hand, without distracting from the operative field. 

"We are excited to work closely with surgical equipment industry in an effort to provide the best, and safest products for our patients," says Dr. Carcamo. 

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Andrew Morales