South Texas Surgeons offer new bariatric procedure: single-anastamosis loop duodenal switch

Drs. Wright and Carcamo with South Texas Surgeons in San Antonio continue to offer the most innovative procedures for weight loss.  Having safely performed over 7,500 standard procedures such as the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and Lap-band, we are also constantly keeping up with the newest procedures, techniques and technology.  While not previously offering the biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BP-DDS) due to reported high complication rates, modifications to the procedure have been made to improve it's safety profile.  We have reviewed years of data and spent time working personally with the surgeon who pioneered this new procedure to ensure that it is an appropriate option for our patients.

The single-anastamosis loop duodenal switch is a modification to the sleeve gastrectomy, increasing its effectiveness on weight loss and resolution of diabetes.  Most patients have a 1-night hospital stay, with a recovery period similar to the sleeve.

Visit with Dr. Wright or Dr. Carcamo at South Texas Surgeons to learn more about this procedure, and see if it is right for you.  Call 210-220-1726 for a consultation.

Keith Wright