South Texas Surgeons Offer New vBloc Procedure for Weight Loss

The FDA has recently approved the vBloc neurometabolic system by Enteromedics for treatment of obesity, and Drs. Keith Wright and Gerardo Carcamo are the first surgeons in San Antonio certified to perform the new vBloc procedure.  Neurostimulators are placed laparoscopically on the vagus nerves at the top of the stomach, helping to control hunger and limit portion sizes of food.  The device is rechargeable, and can be programmed easily in the doctor's office to optimize the effects for each patient.  Patients generally tolerate all types of food immediately after surgery, and complications are fewer than other traditional weight loss procedures. At South Texas Surgeons we continue to provide the latest advances in weight loss surgery, while applying the newest technology.  Visit us for a free seminar to learn how the vBloc differs from the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and Lap-band, or call 210-220-1726 for an appointment.