Is Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure Right for You?

Leading Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Keith Wright on the Gastric Balloon

If you are contemplating undergoing a weight loss procedure, you should know there are many options available to you—some less invasive than others. The Gastric Balloon is one of the less invasive options.

During this procedure, an inflatable device is implanted into the stomach without surgery. As opposed to making incisions in the abdomen, it’s placed endoscopically

The Gastric Balloon is actually a silicone balloon that is filled with saline. It is small when implanted, then filled with saline to expand it. The Gastric Balloon takes up space in the stomach to allow patients to feel satisfied quicker on smaller portions of food, and it also helps to curb hunger between meals.

A good candidate for Gastric Balloon is someone who wants to avoid surgery completely and is looking for the following from a weight loss procedure:

• No surgical incision

• No recovery period

• No pain

• Ability to return to work sooner

• Moderate weight loss

“On average, my patients lose about 40 lbs. with the balloon over about a six-month period of time,” says Dr. Keith Wright, STX Surgeons bariatric surgeon in San Antonio. “After that period the balloon is removed, so the procedure is reversible.”

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