STX Surgeons San Antonio Gastric Sleeve Patient Shares Her Weight Loss Story

STX Patient Sonia Brown shares her Gastric Sleeve Surgery Weight Loss Success Story

Like many who struggle with their weight, Sonia Brown had tried a number of diets and weight loss programs. She says that she would get to a certain point and be “stuck.”

“I wanted to be completely done,” says Brown. “I wanted the weight to be behind me so I wouldn’t have to think about it anymore.”

Viewing weight loss surgery as a tool to her weight loss, she felt maintaining a healthy diet following the weight loss surgery would be her key to success.

After undergoing Gastric Sleeve surgery at Nix Hospital in San Antonio, the STX Surgeons’ patient says the surgery has made her more confident. “When I go into a room I don’t feel like everybody’s judging me by my size,” she says. “I feel that people can listen to me instead of looking at me. That’s what you feel when you’re not comfortable with your own being—your own size.

Of the Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery, she says, “It gives you your life back on your terms.”

Getting her health back enables Brown to feel that she will live longer and not be a burden on her children.

If you are struggling with your weight and looking for a lasting solution as Sonia Brown was, contact San Antonio’s top bariatric surgeons Dr. Keith Wright and Dr. Gerardo Carcamo of STX Surgeons. They will help you decide which weight loss procedure is best for you and your situation. Contact us today at 210.220.17