STX Surgeons Uses Medtronic’s Signia Stapling System

San Antonio’s Leading Bariatric Surgeons Dr. Gerardo Carcamo and Dr. Keith Wright on Medtronic’s Signia Stapling System

Dedicated to providing the best available tools and equipment for bariatric patient care, top San Antonio, Texas-based bariatric surgeons Dr. Keith Wright and Dr. Gerardo Carcamo have had much success applying new technology for minimally invasive surgical procedures. Stapling devices are critical in bariatric surgery to ensure that the stomach and intestines are divided and later safely reconnected without complications, (e.g., bleeding or leaking).

With a history of low complication rates, Dr. Keith Wright and Dr. Gerardo Carcamo use the Medtronic iDrive powered stapler for bariatric procedures—a method they adopted in 2015. The quality of the staple line was so impressive to the doctors that they have done over 1,000 bariatric procedures without staple line reinforcements. The doctors say further that the Medtronic iDrive stapler limits the amount of foreign material implanted and lessens the procedure cost—passing on that savings to the patient.  

More recently, bariatric surgeons Wright and Carcamo have become the first in the area to use the latest generation of stapling systems: Medtronic’s Signia. Employing adaptive firing technology, the system measures firing force based on tissue thickness and adjusts stapling speed accordingly. It’s just the latest example of how STX Surgeons in San Antonio is committed to providing its patients with cutting edge tools and equipment to meet their weight loss surgery goals in a high quality, economical fashion.