When searching for a weight loss surgeon in Texas, you’ll find experience and compassion at STX Surgeons in San Antonio

Founded in 2003, South Texas Surgeons in San Antonio specializes in laparoscopic surgery. Leaders in weight loss surgery, our founders—Dr. Keith Wright and Dr. Gerardo Carcamo—are board-certified San Antonio general surgeons.

Two of the nation’s premier LAP-BAND surgeons, Drs. Carcamo and Wright have performed more than 7,000 weight loss procedures, including the following:

LAP-BAND: A procedure in which a silicone belt is positioned at the top of the stomach to help control hunger and limit portion size. Because there is no stapling or cutting involved with this procedure, it is 10 times safer than weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve.

Gastric sleeve: A surgery that involves the permanent removal of about 2/3 of the stomach, turning the stomach into a narrow, long tube using a row of staples.

Gastric bypass: A procedure in which the stomach is divided permanently to limit the size of meals by creating a small gastric “pouch.” When the small intestine is connected to the pouch, food bypasses the rest of the stomach and the first part of the small intestine, limiting calorie and nutrient absorption.

vBloc Procedure: A minimally invasive outpatient procedure, the vBloc entails the placement of neurostimulator leads around the vagus nerves, which provide feedback to the brain about hunger. Patients are fuller or satisfied by smaller portions of food for a longer period of time.

Gastric Balloon: A non-surgical procedure in which the ORBERATM or gastric balloon is placed into the stomach for 6 months. No surgery or incisions are required. By taking up space inside the stomach, the gastric balloon helps the patient to eat smaller meals.

With decades of experience in weight loss procedures and surgery, bariatric surgeons Dr. Keith Wright and Dr. Gerardo Carcamo of STX Surgeons in San Antonio can help you select the weight loss option that is best for you. Contact them today at (210) 220-1726.