Weight Loss Surgery as a Consideration for Severe Obesity

Benefits of bariatric surgery in the treatment of obesity

Does this sound like you:

“I struggle with my weight. No matter what diet I try or what exercise program I start, I just can’t help but gain more weight.”

“Every diet I’ve tried ends in disaster—leaving me heavier than when I started, and just more depressed.”

If you feel like this and your BMI is in the range of 30 to 40, bariatric surgery might be your best option to lose weight, feel better, and get healthier.

While weight loss surgery alone isn’t a solution, a procedure tailored to your specific needs and health, combined with dedication and consistent follow through, is an option for treating obesity. Whether you select LAP-BAND, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or vBloc, STX Surgeons in San Antonio will work closely with you to tailor a treatment plan that will help you shed pounds and keep them off.

Leading weight loss surgeons Dr. Keith Wright and Dr. Gerardo Carcamo of STX Surgeons in San Antonio have performed more than 7,000 successful weight loss procedures. Studies have shown that over 90 percent of patients with severe obesity who have bariatric surgery maintain 50 percent or more of their excess weight loss after the surgery.

If you are struggling with obesity, Drs. Gerardo Carcamo and Keith Wright of STX Surgeons in San Antonio can help. Call (210) 220-1726 today to schedule a consultation to discuss weight loss surgery and obesity.