Weight Loss Surgery Controls Type 2 Diabetes For Years

A new study confirms what we have been seeing in our patients for years: weight loss surgery can be highly effective in treating patients with both obesity and type 2 diabetes. The landmark study, known as the STAMPEDE (Surgical Treatment And Medications Potentially Eradicate Diabetes Efficiently) trial, showed that weight loss surgery enabled nearly all patients to be free of insulin and many to be free of all diabetic medications as long as three years after surgery. The trial involved 150 obese patients with diabetes, who were randomly divided into 3 groups. Fifty patients were treated non-surgically with Advanced Medical Therapy (AMT-- diet, exercise, and medication therapy), 50 patients underwent gastric sleeve surgery and AMT, and 50 patients were treated with gastric bypass surgery and AMT.

The bariatric surgery patients maintained much better control of their diabetes at three years. As much as 95% of patients who had surgery no longer needed insulin. Thirty-five percent of surgery patients achieved a three year remission of diabetes or much improved blood sugar control. However, not one of non-surgical patients achieved remission. Additionally, their improvement in blood sugar was much less than the patients who had bariatric surgery. Weight loss in the surgery group was five to six times greater, on average, compared with those in the AMT-only group. Surgery patients also experienced an improvement in quality of life and a reduction in the need for blood pressure and cholesterol medications, compared to those only receiving medical therapy.

The conclusion based on this data is that bariatric surgery maintains its superiority over medical therapy for treating type 2 diabetes in severely and mildly obese patients. If you are struggling with obesity and diabetes, weight loss surgery may be a good option for you. Give us a call at (866) 463-5499 to learn more about weight loss surgery, or attend one of our free educational seminars. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you understand your options.